Putting It Right

In 2018, we’re putting it right

The Situation

There is a story in the paper nearly everyday about an underdog who’s been wronged or done someone amazing that we want to shine a light on.

In 2018, we’re putting it right.

If The Sun reports on a elderly lady mugged by a gang of thieves, we’ll throw her a tea party with her friends to cheer her up. If a homeless man saves someone’s life, we’ll help get him back on his feet, find him a job and somewhere to stay. Put simply: we’ll take noteworthy news stories and give the story a happy ending.

What we did

Utilised our scale

We used all the digital properties at our disposal to ensure maximum campaign reach... social video, on-site articles, Unruly and Snapchat Discover.

Tapped into our audience's emotion

Championing underdogs with incredible stories and turning the spotlight on them ensured our audience were emotionally invested in engaging with and sharing our content.

Created relevant formats for audience engagement

We know how to tell stories across different digital landscapes and accordingly created a suite of platform-specific formats to optimise the effectiveness campaign message.

The Results


video views within a six week campaign period


social engagements


minutes spent watching Putting It Right content