Sun 50

The half Suntury 1969-2019

The Situation

To celebrate 50 years of Britain’s most popular paper, we wanted to do something special and take a look back at the history created over the last century. The Sun’s clever headlines, agenda-setting scoops, madcap stunts and patriotic pride have won fans - and ruffled feathers - the world over. We wanted to celebrate this milestone with readers and staff alike.

What we did

Birthday weekend activity

Over the birthday weekend, a 50 page bonus pull out was included on Saturday 16th November covering 50 of the greatest front pages over the last century. This included classic headlines such as ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster’ from 1986, ‘It’s Paddy Pantsdown’ from 1992 and ‘I’m only here for de beers’ from 2000. This was then followed by a cash wallet giveaway in all papers on Sunday, with the chance to grab a £5, £10 or £50 note for those lucky enough to get a winning cash wallet.

The Half Suntury book

To celebrate the history and legacy of The Sun over the last century a birthday book charting 50 years of the iconic title as a Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid paper was put together by past and present Sun staff and contributors (including editors and a few Prime Ministers). The 400-page coffee table-style book is a weighty volume, beautifully presented and full of superbly-crafted anecdotes from Sun staff past and present. The year-long book project has been edited by Will Hagerty and John Perry.

Sun 50 Event

The News building hosted a Sun 50 event, celebrating ‘The Half Suntury’ book. The event was attended by old friends of The Sun including past editors, journalists and staff and was a great celebration of what is the people’s paper of today.

The Results

50 Greatest Sun Front Pages drove 24k additional sales on Saturday 16th
Sun 50 Cash Wallet drove 25k additional sales on Sunday 17th
Sun 50 event was attended by over 300 past and present friends of The Sun, including editors and journalists.