Values R Us

If our content pillars are what we do, then our values are how we do it


The Sun is always fun, from bring-a-smile-to-your-lips-funny to creasing-up-everyone-looking-at-you-lolz.

And while we’re sometimes close to the bone, we’re always sparky and uplifting, not cynical or sarcastic.

On the side of the people

The Sun is in touch with its readers, understanding their hopes and dreams, as well as the things that really push their buttons.

We are always on their level, using language they’d use in the pub, the playground or the terraces – plain-speaking, telling it like it is.

Powerful scale

We don’t just write about things that matter to our readers, we use our scale and influence to make a real difference to their lives.

This is reflected in our tone; confident, with a little swagger, but never too full of itself.

£115K Raised

and over £300K worth of toys donated

£1 Million

raised in just five days

Brilliantly simple

We take thorny, complicated stories and make them enjoyable and accessible for our readers.

Our language is straightforward and to the point.

We never let a clever creative idea get in the way of a simple message.

Quality Substance

Making the news accessible doesn’t mean dumbing it down.

We invest more in news journalism than anyone else, even the BBC.


There’s nothing safe or vanilla about The Sun.

People love us because we push things to the limit, printing what others wouldn’t.

We’re ballsy – we go big or go home, sail close to the wind and never do things by half.